AES Water inc. Objective

To provide day to day local and remote valve control to assist with water quality
issues with an emphasis on automatically restricting flow in the event of an emergency.

Why Choose AES Water, Inc.

  • Made in the USA – All assembly and most of the components
  • Off the shelf components
  • Maintains positive system pressure while restricting flow up to 95% thus preserving a
    valuable resource with the option of easily opening the valve for fire flow (via SCADA)
    in the event the fire department can get to where they need to be in a timely fashion.
  • Replacement parts available in 24 hrs. or less through Grainger if necessary
  • Open architecture design
  • No company specific printed circuit boards
  • Simplicity of operation and maintenance
  • 24 vdc operation – eliminates a hazardous (110/220 ac) condition
  • Stable software program and hardware design
  • Product consistency regardless of the number of years required to implement upgrades
  • All sales, assembly and maintenance are conducted solely by AES personnel
  • Annual maintenance agreements available
  • 2 years on site parts and labor warranty

Company History

Opening in 1994, AES Water sells a true 3 axis seismic instrument as well as 24 vdc
valve controllers and valve actuators exclusively to Southern California water utilities. To our
knowledge we have retained every customer who has trusted us with their seismic mitigation
needs and most of our customers have used competing products prior to standardizing on the
AES equipment.

Download the AES Water, Inc. Quick Overview:

AES Water, Inc. VL80 and T6 Information