T6 Seismic Instrument

The T6 is designed to measure motion and performs well as a seismic instrument to
measure both forces as a sum.

The objective of an appropriate earth quake-sensing instrument is to measure the amount of
force (energy) a particular structure is exposed to. When the force reaches a predetermined
level the instrument sets in motion specific emergency procedures. It is imperative that the
accuracy and repeat-ability are maintained regardless of the magnitude or direction of force.

T6 Specifications

  • Dimensions 6” W x 6” D x 9” H
  • Weight 12 pounds
  • Design Aluminum ¾” 6061 custom cut
  • Triggering 0.3 g-force in a time span of 1.0 second or as Specified by the purchaser
  • Field verification of operation
  • Automatically resets
  • Self cleaning internal components
  • Life cycle 1,000,000 cycle life duration
  • Power 24v DC
  • Housing/Containment NEMA 4 or JIC 12 enclosure mounted on platform or tank
  • Meets AWWA standards and Seismic Protection for Water System as specified by the Ad
    Hoc committee for Southern California water districts.


  • Provides valve shut down at remote liquid tanks when seismic activity occurs either from
    earthquake or man made activity when combined with the VL80 controller system.
  • Is adjustable to customer requirements
  • Minimum training required
  • Easily installed
  • Durable and can be mounted at any angle


The T6 is an instrument utilizing a three axis platform designed to measure the amount of force (G
force) a particular structure is exposed to. By utilizing axis X Y and Z, the device can monitor
remote activities as they pertain to the structures on site. If an activity reaches the threshold needed
it will activate the VL80 and perform shut down there by saving the contained liquid.

The total energy a structure absorbs is broken down in two categories:
1. Acceleration energy transferred to the structure as a result of acceleration
2. Kinetic energy transferred to the structure as it is abruptly stopped and then is
reversed in direction.

Download the T6 Seismic Instrument Information Sheet:

T6 Seismic Instrument – AES Water, Inc.