VL80 Seismic Valve Controller

AES Water, Inc. (AES) valve controllers give fluid management companies more flexibility, allowing them to perform their jobs more effectively in the field or from the central office. When coupled with the AES T6 Seismic Instrument, emergency preparedness is taken to the next level. With an AES valve controller system providing reliable and repeatable valve control, especially after an earthquake or terrorist attack, everyone is more secure.

VL80 Benefits

  • Seamless integration with any butterfly or gate valve
  • Personnel training is done in a matter of minutes
  • Replacement parts available in less than 24 hours
  • Consistent, high quality valve control
  • Specifically for fluid management companies
  • Safe, 24 vdc operation eliminates electrical danger
  • Maintenance agreements available

Emergency Benefits

Pursuant to HR 3448 the “Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002”, installing a complete AES valve controller and seismic instrument is synonymous to having a worker on site 24/7 in the event of a terrorist attack or damaging earthquake. After an attack or damaging earthquake, emergency procedures can immediately be implemented. Water quality and quantity will be maintained and cleanup will be held to an absolute minimum, thus saving valuable time, money, water and public trust.

Site Benefits

The VL80 valve controller allows field crews the ability to exercise a valve without using their physical strength. With the push of a button a valve can be run from full open to close and back open again in a matter of minutes or the valve exercising can be done automatically through the controller. AES provides the most feature-rich and cost effective valve controllers allowing fluid management companies’ the ability to operate on their terms and within their standards, not that of a specific manufacturer’s. Our objective when opening our doors in 1994 was to assist fluid managers in providing better site control while improving emergency preparedness system wide.

Productivity Benefits

AES controllers are useful in all valve control situations however the main usage has been at reservoirs with or without commercial power. The 24vdc operation provides needed power to control the valve when on site or from a remote location. This ability to have site control from a remote location is especially useful when sites are in outlaying areas with limited accessibility or during inclement weather. Management may require fewer site visits and thus allow valuable personnel time to be spent on more pressing day to day concerns.

Water Conservation

  •  Water conservation begins at the reservoir
  • Preparing for an earthquake should not be a back burner issue
  • Natural disasters are inevitable
  • Fires have recently scorched very dry Southern California
  • Preserving potable water after a damaging earthquake provides piece of mind to all

As recent fires in Southern California have shown, when nature erupts, those who haven’t adequately prepared pay the heaviest price. Several times over the last decade fire engines have connected to fire hydrants that were dry, able only to watch as structures burned.

There are many reasons why a water utility may have one or more zones that no longer have water pressure, but one main reason could be that the delivery pipeline has ruptured due to severe ground motion.

15 major earthquakes have occurred on the San Andreas fault over the last 1600 years. The longest the San Andreas Fault has gone without a major earthquake was 165 yrs – the last major earthquake was in 1856 – we are overdue.

Over the last 22 years, AES has become an industry standard in automating valve control. Although most of our customers have installed competing products before installing an AES system, once an AES system is installed every utility has standardized on it.

AES provides 24vdc valve controllers and seismic instruments to mitigate property loss and human suffering after a damaging earthquake. Don’t let the immediate trump the important, please contact AES Water today to help evaluate your water system’s emergency preparedness.

Water Quality

  • Water quality is improved by valve control
  • Valve controllers are cost effective with today’s technologies
  • Valve positions are constantly available to the central office
  • Valve controllers allow for immediate mitigation if necessary

With ever increasing standards coming from the Department of Health Services and other governmental agencies, the tighter a water utility can control its inventory the greater their ability to comply.

There are several products on the market that help to mix the old and new water together to meet DHS specifications. While that is helpful if not mandatory in single tank zones, in multiple tank zones valve control and pumping times have accomplished the task of mixing old and new water.

While hydraulic control valves (with isolation valves) have and will continue to provide flow control, for the utilities that have a mechanical valve on the reservoir the VL80 may be the perfect valve controller. AES Water provides 24vdc valve controllers to be used on a daily basis by the water operator on duty, as well as to allow for preprogrammed automation of one or more reservoir valves. Most reservoirs with gate or butterfly valves are left open at all times, the VL80 allows emergency procedures to immediately be invoked, and yet have the valve close anywhere from 0% – 100%. Pressure is maintained while flow is reduced until the situation can be evaluated and the valve reopened.

Starting in 1994, AES has become an industry standard in automating valve control. Although most of our customers have installed competing products before installing an AES system, once an AES system is installed every utility has standardized on it.


  • Provides valve shut down at remote liquid tanks when seismic activity occurs either from
    earthquake or man made activity when combined with the VL80 controller system.
  • Is adjustable to customer requirements
  • Minimum training required
  • Easily installed
  • Durable and can be mounted at any angle

Download the VL80 Information Guide:

VL80 Seismic Valve Controller